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Plumbing Issues and Violations

Piping, Lead, Leak Detection, etc.

Electrical code violations!

Wiring, Overload, Under sized Electrical Service and Fire Hazards!

Foundation Cracks!

Foundation Cracks, Moisture, Mold and Efflorescence.


Asbestos is found in many forms. Know before you buy!

Heating Issues!

Heating Issues, Boiler, Water Heaters issues.

Here is what Dan said about A.M. Hoover Home Inspections: A.M. Hoover Home Inspections took the worry out of buying my home. Greg found an abandoned oil tank on my property and went the extra mile to find out that the tank was cleaned and inspected before abandonment. Greg walked me through the house and showed me all the things I need to know about the home. This is a large investment and I have learned all that is involved with a home. Greg was very accommodating and sensitive to my hectic schedule. Due to his rapid response we were able to have a timely closing and I feel safe in my purchase.

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Why AM Hoover Home Inspections? I am a licensed Master electrician and I have worked in the construction field for over 15 yrs. I have the knowledge to find major issues with a house. I have the experience to know the difference between maintenance issues and major concerns with a residence. Please contact me for any of your home inspection needs.

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