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Here is what David said about A.M. Hoover Home Inspections -

Dated: Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hey Greg,

Now that we are all settled in at our new home I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your expert service on our home inspection. I liked that you pointed out the good, and the bad. I know for someone like yourself that inspects many homes it could become easy to nit pick every little thing, but it was nice that you also pointed out the positive points as well. We ended up getting a credit towards closing cost for the price of a new boiler, minus the installation with the help of your detailed evaluation of the  boiler. Glad you picked up on the cracks in the burner box, and supplied pictures in your report to support the fact that the boiler was on its way out.  We will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Thanks again,

Here is what Kevin said about A.M. Hoover Home Inspections

“After careful consideration we chose AM Hoover Home Inspections to conduct the home inspection of our potential new home. Greg wasn’t given much notice of our need to conduct the home inspection but was extremely accommodating of our schedule. In fact when we arrived at the house Greg was already there and ready to begin. As potential new homeowners we were a bit nervous and anxious. However, that quickly settled as we walked through the house and Greg’s knowledge and expertise became clearly evident.

Throughout the inspection he would explain to us what he was testing and why, as well as what is standard in other homes. He covered every detail of the house and was patient in answering all of our questions. Greg spoke with us as we found the good qualities of the home as well as the imperfections. In all honesty the information we verbally received was a bit overwhelming and difficult to wrap our heads around, so we were very appreciative of receiving Greg’s written report within 24 hours. It gave my wife and I a chance to immediately read his final findings and discuss them together, while still fresh in our minds. We are now fully confident in the house we are buying after the thorough inspection performed by AM Hoover Home Inspections.”

Kevin G.
Chester, NY

Here is what Dan said about A.M. Hoover Home Inspections

A.M. Hoover Home Inspections took the worry out of buying my home. Greg found an abandoned oil tank on my property and went the extra mile to find out that the tank was cleaned and inspected before abandonment. Greg walked me through the house and showed me all the things I need to know about the home. This is a large investment and I have learned all that is involved with a home. Greg was very accommodating and sensitive to my hectic schedule. Due to his rapid response we were able to have a timely closing and I feel safe in my purchase.

Dan, NY

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