Your home is similar to the human body and just like a body you need to have it checked from time to time. A.M. Hoover Home Inspections, will do, just that. I do a complete check beginning from the moment I arrive at the front of your home.

The below is just the start of what you can expect me to look into, so don’t hesitate now. Don’t buy a home unless you know what you are getting. I have the real world experience to find what others will miss. So contact me today.

Accepting All Major Credit Cards

Gregory Hoover, Jr.

(845) – 590 – 3179

Interior Indicators of: mold, wood boring Insects, Asbestos
Exterior Chimneys
Roof Fireplaces
Sidewalks Wood burning
Driveway stoves
Landscaping Plumbing
Gutters Electric
AC Systems Flooring
Boilers Windows
Furnaces Radon testing
Foundations Water testing

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